Our Educational Philosophy

At FSSA, our instruction is adapted to every student's needs, abilities and interests. Our teachers propose various age-appropriate activities to children, guide and engage them to learn and develop through exploration and play. Students learn hands-on, working and playing individually or in small groups. They are involved and active in the learning process.

Our Unique Curriculum

The FSSA curriculum adapts the French Ministry of Education's programs to the bicultural and bilingual context. We integrate the Texas Prekindergarten guidelines and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


In preschool, we focus on communication skills and abilities to experiment with various environments, techniques and tools. The preschool class promotes rich cognitive and linguistic stimulation for our 2- and 3-year old students.


In Pre-K, we prepare students for the next step, the Elementary School, while pursuing the preschool philosophy. Reading and writing skills and mathematics are introduced through various hands-on and concrete activities.


In Kindergarten, the skill level increases with the maturity of children. They start to read and write by themselves and discover more complex concepts by questioning, experimenting, researching and discussing them with their peers.

Lower Elementary

In Lower Elementary, students have 3 years to acquire knowledge and skills introduced. Our programs prompt questioning the world in all learning areas. Fluency in French and English languages is the priority.

1st, 2nd and 3rd grades

Upper Elementary

Curriculum coming soon

In Upper Elementary, we consolidate the fundamental knowledge and skills that have been initiated in Lower Elementary and allow an ideal transition to Middle School.

4th and 5th grades

After-school Classes

The French School of San Antonio is an internationally-oriented school. We are proud to offer unique extracurricular activities that will allow children to discover different cultures, learn languages and arts, and be physically active.

All activities are taught by accomplished and one of the best instructors in San Antonio. 

Mandarin Chinese



STEM for little learners




Kids Yoga

Gymnastics and Circus Arts

Please contact us to find out more about the after-school activities.

Child care

Child-care hours

7am -8am: Before-school care

3pm - 6pm: After-school care